Hi All!

23 Jun

This is my first venture into blogging.  I’ve been instructed by my professors to spend my summer boning up on the finer facets of landscape architecture- primarily via articles, texts and journals. At least 10 to be exact.  So I made the bibliography, checked out the library books and…. 6 weeks into summer I’ve read a portion of J.B. Jackson’s  collection “The Necessity for Ruins” and… that’s it. I really oughto get on that train, but fortunately I’ve been doing something else that’s at least a little productive and a lot more interesting.

I just moved to the Stevens Square neighborhood of Minneapolis and now that it’s summer I actually have time to work out.  Running is a challenge for me, considering my past 9 months were more about developing my ability to endure a 20:4 sleep schedule instead of my lung capacity. But with a whole city to explore I’ve actually begun to enjoy it.  Fortunately my handy iphone has both the pump up music that keeps me going (thanks Gregg Gillis!) and the camera that gives me a great excuse to stop and document the world around me (and also try to breathe again). If you see a sweaty chica taking pictures of columbine in Loring Park, it’s probably me.

So I think most of the beginning of this blog is going to be my pictures and musings about Minneapolis landscapes. Even though I’ve lived here almost 6 years, there’s a lot to discover.